I Get It

This Immigration Lawyer Finally Gets It

fsvl_2I get it.  The delivery of family-based immigration legal services is dysfunctional.  The client takes the risks.  The immigration lawyer not so much, Let’s change that together.

The needs of the client should be the focus of the delivery of immigration legal services, period.  No one-size-fit-all approach for immigration advice and legal strategy. Additionally, the focus should not be on the monetary needs of the lawyer. If the lawyer is good her monetary needs will be met.

And certainly the traditional way of delivering corporate immigration legal services should never be considered an appropriate way of delivering legal services to a client seeking family-based immigration representation, period.

So at FianceSpouseVisaLawyer.com no family-based immigration law office in a downtown high-rise surrounded by other law and financial services firms. Who are immigration lawyers catering to by setting up their offices in downtown city centers? Their law school buddies or their clients who live and work across town?

No “fiance spouse visa package price” for all clients. Every client’s needs and immigration goals are different and individual pricing should reflect that difference.

Hear me out:

If you need a fiance spouse visa lawyer to review your petition and supporting documents before sending your package off to the United States Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS), send me an email at Jamene@fiancespousevisalawyer.com. I can do that for you.

If you are in need of a fiance spouse visa lawyer to hold your hand (and there are times during the process when hand holding is absolutely necessary AND appropriate) from fiance status to the day your now spouse becomes a naturalized U.S. citizen, then I am that lawyer for you, too.

If your are an excellent legal DIYer and most of your work is done “up to code,” I will gladly work for you and with you to successfully bring your fiance or spouse to the United States and I will charge your accordingly. Translation: money in your wallet not in my account.

If you have that one last pressing fiance spouse visa immigration question that you need answered before you submit your I-129f or I-130 petition, you may e-mail me at for the answer. No need for an appointment, consultation fee, or travel.

If the dynamic Atlanta metro area is home and we both decide that an in-person meeting is appropriate then no 3:45 appointment in a downtown high-rise because that works for me (unless that works for you). But please do not despair. Even if you live in New York City, Seattle, or even San Juan, Puerto Rico, because immigration law is federal law, I can be your fiance spouse visa lawyer—technology is a wonderful thing!

As your fiance spouse visa lawyer, I will make the many phone calls on your behalf,  I will draft and send the many letters to the USCIS, NVC and United States Consulates/Embassies moving your case along and following up on requests from the government, and most importantly as your fiance spouse visa lawyer I will craft your unique fiance/spouse visa strategy!

As the mobile, community-minded fiance spouse visa lawyer, I meet my clients and prospective clients where they are…at their office, their local coffee house or even in their home (obviously there are restrictions–I deliver my fiance/spouse visa immigration services differently but not foolhardly).

I am here to deliver (literally) fiance/spouse visa immigration law services to you on your terms.

You only pay for what you need and want.

My number one goal is to gain your trust by providing outstanding client service. Meeting your expectations is not my objective. Exceeding your expectations is what I do.

I offer my clients the best possible service, quality and value, period.

This is just a very small part of how I am different.

I get it. I truly do!