I Get It!

I am here to deliver (literally) fiance/spouse visa immigration law services on your terms.



The Difference

I repair. I fortify. And I legally plead.

You Are Unique

I approach each U.S. citizen fiance/spouse case as an individual scenario

I Am Like You!

I am Jamene Christian, a Fiance/Spouse Visa immigration lawyer, mother, 13th generation U.S. citizen by birth and wife to an immigrant by choice. I love my chosen work!

Creative Workflow

I utilize my “Get Out in Front of the Petition”tm/sm Strategy; it’s working!
To convince the consular officer that the K-1 or CR-1 visa should be placed in your fiance/spouse’s passport on the day of the interview, I use my Get Out in Front of the Petition tm/sm strategy.

  • After evaluating your case and reviewing your eligibility, I repair what I can before I/you file the I-129f or I-130 petition.
  • I fortify your petition with well-written narratives offering legal and practical explanations for issues…
  • If legally required, I ask (legally plead to) the government to please forgive the past mistakes…

Satisfied Clients

My number one goal is to gain your trust by providing outstanding client service. Meeting your expectations is not my objective. Exceeding your expectations is what I do.
I offer my clients the best possible service, quality and value, period.

  • “This woman really knows how to get the job done. She puts so much time, effort, and heart into each case.” -Spencer P. (Fiance from Italy)
  • “Thank you for your hard work. My soon to be husband and I are more then happy with the patience and dedication that you have shown us.” -Laura W. (Fiance from Great Britain)
  • “I wish we knew about you sooner. We wasted so much time and money dealing with less committed immigration attorneys.” -Robert J. (Fiance from Antigua)

Qualifed Professional

I am Jamene Christian, a Fiance/Spouse Visa immigration lawyer, mother, 13th generation U.S. citizen by birth and wife to an immigrant by choice. I love my chosen work!

  • JD, University at Buffalo School of Law, American Jurisprudence Prize Awards, Atlanta Legal Aid Intern, recruited by BigLaw, recruited by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (the one that I let get away), etc,
  • Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association,
  • Member of the Immigration Bar, Georgia,
  • Immigration lawyer for over 10 years

I am an active member of the GA-AL Chapter of AILA and  I am currently the Vice Chair of the Media Liaison Committee of the GA-AL Chapter of AILA.


“I give advice, use strategies, craft compelling petitions and gather supporting documents that are solid in law and realistic in approach; this method has consistently proven to be effective at the United States Citizens and Immigration Services, the National Visa Center and at the all important United States consulates and embassies.

In plain English I offer my clients practical and real life guidance. I save all of the impressive “lawyer talk” for the government agencies.”  – Jamene Christian

An Introduction

Getting your fiance/spouse to the United States is what you want. And that is what I do. All day. Every Day.
My delivery of fiance/spouse visa immigration legal services is knowing, responsive, deliberate, creative and yet pragmatic; I must say delightful…I thoroughly enjoy going to work!


We have the positive feedback


I was really worried that my family member’s immigration history would prevent us from being together in the United States.  You did the research as promised and your research gave us hope!  I truly believe that soon we will all be together as you like to say: Living, Loving, Learning and Earning (tm/sm) in the United States.
Margiana C. (Family from Belize)
You had a flat tire in 90 degree temperatures and yet you still arrived at my office refreshed and ready to discuss with me my future. Thanks.
Dawada S. (Family from The Gambia)

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