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 At FIANCESPOUSEVISALAWYER.com, LLC we are dedicated to providing clients with compassionate and culturally sensitive immigration representation and advocacy. We are dedicated to providing the consistent care and necessary legal skill set to help citizens and lawful permanent residents and their immigrant loved ones reach their goals.

“In plain English, I offer my clients practical and real life guidance. I save all of the impressive “lawyer talk” for the government agencies.”  – Jamene Christian


Jamene has enjoyed a robust life dedicating her professional career to advocating in the public interest. Happily landing in the wonderfully complex and fulfilling practice of Family Immigration Matters over 15 years ago, with a focus on Fiance and Marriage Visa Law, Jamene engages her heart, smarts and creativity when she represents you. Having been on both sides of the desk, Jamene always expresses a strong and active personal approach to her clients’ concerns.

Jamene, born and raised in Manhattan, is the proud product of top New York City public schools and programs. Notably, being in one of the earliest groups of school children identified and selected to participate in NYC’s prestigious Intellectually Gifted Children’s Program.

The former Greenwich, CT homeowner is a wife, mother of two and mom to the family’s rescue dog, Hunter. Jamene is a 13th generation citizen married to an immigrant whom she petitioned for many years ago.

Jamene is fluent in Jamaican Patwa and conversational in Spanish.     read more


Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents sponsorship of family members.
Waivers of Inadmissibility
Prior immigration missteps, memberships in certain organizations; mental and physical health concerns can deem some people inadmissible.
Immigrants become citizens by applying for naturalization. However, some individuals born abroad become citizens at birth or when a parent naturalizes.
Documents, Records and Existing Files
Filing petitions on time and answering USCIS requests within deadlines are key to a successful outcome.
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