I am a real person with real life concerns (and expenses) who just happens to be a fiance spouse visa lawyer.

I remain current on K-1 fiance /CR-1 spouse visa law and I-601 waiver law by traveling to and attending continuing legal education classes and conferences.  And though I am a mobile fiance spouse visa immigration lawyer, like all lawyers, I invest in books, hardware and software—a fiance spouse visa lawyer’s “tools of the trade.”

I am a dues paying active member of local and national immigration law associations.

I am a licensed lawyer.

And just like your doctor or dentist, I am a professional and professionals get paid for their services.

The moment I open my mouth at your consultation appointment I am extending to you valuable information that you may choose to use to

make informed decisions to better your family’s life.

As lawyers our words and legal knowledge are our products.

Do you expect your doctor to give you a free 45 minute physical exam to prove that she has the expertise and skill set to diagnose your symptoms?  No.

So why are immigration lawyers (especially lawyers who practice family immigration law) expected to give away 45 minutes or more of free legal advice to prove that we are able to assist you with reaching your immigration goals?

Here  is why I proudly and unapologetically charge for what I call your Launch Your Life (tm/sm) consultation:

01.  In terms of research, time and travel I make a monetary investment when I prepare for a consultation with you.

02.  Charging you a consultation fee improves your experience. When you make a monetary investment you become invested in the outcome.

03.  Paying for the consultation makes the client more focused, committed and determined to move forward in reaching their immigration goals; hopefully you will hire me to assist you in that effort.

04.  When prospective clients pay they tend to keep their consultation appointments allowing the prospective client to learn valuable information.

05. Charging for a consultation allows me to value my work and that’s important to me and my family;

06.  It keeps me consistent.  I charge all prospective clients!

Let me share:  When my husband and I consulted with our immigration lawyer we eagerly handed over that small fee to that able two-lawyer immigration practice.

That consultation fee started my husband and me on our path to our version of the American Dream—30 plus years later—2 children, college, professional schools, successful businesses, home ownership, vacation home, international travel, private schools, an ivy league education, philanthropy—look at what that small consultation fee did for my immigrant husband, me, our 2 children and our tax paying employees.

So that you, too, can “Love, Live, Learn and Earn in the U.S,”tm/sm

SCHEDULE YOUR LAUNCH YOUR LIFE  tm/sm  Consultation today.

How I Charge

“So once a carefully considered price is quoted I do not haggle (sort of like that national car dealership) and I do not barter (unless of course you make a delicious granola).”

Legal costs are a business risk that should be born by the client and the lawyer.  In traditional legal practices all of the monetary risk is placed on the client.  Typically the lawyer will request a deposit to begin the case and if the legal work exceeds the deposit the lawyer will send a bill to the client requesting more money.  In most cases, if the client does not pay, the lawyer may ethically withdraw from the case.

This legal business model rewards inefficiency and can tempt unethical lawyers to behave badly.  Not in the client’s best interest at all.


After a careful review of your immigration goals and your eligibility, I will quote you a price that is fair to both you and me.

And please keep in mind that I am not attempting to price cut the immigration lawyer across town or across the country.

(I am not competing with unscrupulous immigration consultants, visa paper mills or notarios. Those outfits are engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.  Often people who hire such individuals and services permanently lose opportunities to pursue immigration relief and benefits because the consultants, visa paper mill services and notarios have damaged their cases beyond repair.)

And I am certainly not competing wiith a good-intentioned friend, co-worker or that cousin who is a 2nd year law student at Stanford (though I am certain that she is extremely smart and talented).

So once a carefully considered price is quoted I do not haggle (sort of like that national car dealership) and I do not barter (unless of course you make a delicious granola).

I will stick to the quoted price from the start of the immigration goal that you seek to achieve until the immigration goal’s natural conclusion is reached, period.

Here’s the thing.  If I get it totally wrong and the necessary legal work exceeds the quoted price, I will continue to diligently work on your case at my lost. Unfortunate for me but winning for you. The take away and benefit for me—better evaluation of my services and time in the future.  Balance and fairness to both client and lawyer—what a concept!



Please follow the instructions to schedule your 30-minute, $145 consultation. After our in-depth, confidential conversation, you will have the legal and practical strategies needed to move forward in reaching your Immigration Objectives.
I look forward to meeting you!
Please note that ALL consultations will be conducted remotely.