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Spend time with me at your Launch Your Life (tm/sm) consultation. Send me an email, Skype or Google Hangout, have a phone conversation or meet with me (that’s a novel thought) for an evaluation of your fiance/spouse visa case.

You will quickly learn that I provide good value in every sense:

I will take on the challenges of working with the USCIS, NVC and the U.S. consulates/embassies. Saving you from loss time, opportunites and income and keeping you informed throughout the entire process. I will develop stratgeies for you and your family—strategies based in law and experience. I have been on the receiving end of a USCIS officer’s probing questions. Fortunately I had a discerning, meticulous and creative fiance/spouse visa lawyer to successfully guide me and my fiance through the process. Allow me to be that lawyer for you.

Work with me and you and I will do our best to efficiently and ethically reunite you with your fiance or spouse where you both can launch your lives “Loving, Living, Learning and Earning in the United States tm/sm .”

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