Thanks, Jamene! Robert and I are aware of all of the phone calls and the USCIS Field Office visit that you
made on our behalf to fix the government’s error with our petition. You can only imagine our joy when we got
our approval notice. We would like to hire you for the next phase in our journey, the adjustment of status
process. . .”
– Sharon of New York City, fiancee from Jamiaca

“Thanks for your quick responses to my calls and questions . . .looks like things are off to a good start; thanks for your GREAT work!”
– Moe of Atlanta, family from Kenya

I was really worried that my family member’s immigration history would prevent us from being together in the United States. You did the research as promised and your research gave us hope! I truly believe that soon we will all be together as you like to say: Living, Loving, Learning and Earning (tm/sm) in the United States.
– Margiana C. (Family from Belize)

You had a flat tire in 90 degree temperatures and yet you still arrived at my office refreshed and ready to discuss with me my future. Thanks.
– Dawada S. (Family from The Gambia)