The Immigration Plan, Your Personal Immigration Strategy”

The Immigration Plan, Your Personal Immigration Strategy”

“I Know How To Petition For My Foreign-Born Fiance, But How Do I Get My New In-Laws to the United States?:  The Immigration Plan, Your Personal Immigration Strategy”

Many people (hopefully), before starting a business will sit down with pen to paper and write a business plan. In that business plan the soon-to-be entrepreneur will make a formal statement of business goals, reasons they are attainable and plans for reaching those goals.

Often the entrepreneur will work with an accountant or other professionals to guide them through the process, relying on the professionals’ experience when setting future strategies and goals.

The well-written and thought out business plan, when followed, acts as a long-term guide post that can lead to a successful company with years of growth and profit.

Borrowing from the same principles of a finely executed business plan, a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident seeking to immigrate a foreign-born fiance or spouse to the United States, should formulate a well-thought out Immigration Plan—a written formal statement of long-term immigration goals, how they are attainable and plans for reaching those immigration goals.

The Immigration Plan should state the end goal, that is—-“seeking to immigrate my foreign-born fiance and his minor children immediately and in the future my new spouse’s parents and younger siblings.”
When you formally state your ultimate Immigration Goals, you can first determine if under existing immigration laws your immigration goals are attainable (remember, immigration laws are subject to change and what is attainable in 2017 may not be attainable in 2022) and if so, you can go about the task of making your immigration goals a reality by “working” your long-term Immigration Plan—-uniting your foreign-born husband’s immediate family in the United States over the course of a number of years.

Most United States citizens seeking to marry a foreign-born fiance are knowledgeable about the requirements of petitioning for the fiance, but are uncertain about immigration laws as they relate to petitioning for the now new spouse’s immediate family members. Knowing precisely when to file that next USCIS petition, the avoidance of future possible red-flag issues and legal strategies to be used by your new spouse’s family members waiting to immigrate to the United States would all be a part of your personal Immigration Plan.

Again, a budding entrepreneur when developing a business plan, is probably best served by consulting an accountant or lawyer. Well when seeking to reach your long-term Immigration Goals, it’s best to sit down with a Fiance Spouse Visa Lawyer (Hello!) to devise a legal strategy, your Immigration Plan, that you can consult to keep you on track to reaching your immigration goals.

If you wish to create your personal Immigration Plan, please contact and together we will develop a realistic Immigration Plan that is based on [current] immigration law coupled with ethical winning legal strategies.

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