The All Important G-28 (The Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney)!

The All Important G-28 (The Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney)!

What’s one very important difference between Fiancé and those “speedy” online technology companies that promise to successfully file your K-1 (fiancé visa), CR-1 (marriage visa) or Adjustment of Status petitions within 4 hours of receiving your paperwork? The USCIS’ G-28 Form!

Only* bar admitted lawyers in good standing can file a G-28 Form on the behalf of U.S. citizen fiancés or spouses seeking to bring their foreign-born partners to the United States. Why is the G-28 so important?

The G-28 allows me, a lawyer, to: 1. appear in person or in writing before the USCIS, 2. allows me to call the National Customer Service Center to discuss your case, 3. allows me to correspond with the National Visa Center; 4. allows me to work with the U.S. Embassies and Consulates on a client’s behalf all in an effort to diligently and efficiently discuss, advocate for and manage a client’s pending I-129f, I-130 or I-485 petitions. And I can do all of the above from my office in Atlanta (Stamford, CT opening soon) while you are at your office in Portland, Maine or in the carpool line in San Diego, California!

“Speedy” online technology businesses, visa paper mills, immigration coaches and notarios CANNOT file a G-28, period. Once these outfits process your credit card, have you gather your documents, fill out your forms and mail the forms and your documents they are done (That’s why they can guarantee a 4 hour turn-around)! If a processing error, “visa killing” red-flag issue, a request for evidence, a need for an I-601 waiver or a denial of your petition should arise you are on your own to figure it out. If the customer is unable to figure it out, often the customer will then hire a traditional fiancé spouse visa lawyer to correct the errors, omissions and often times just flat out bad advice received from the visa paper mills, speedy online technology businesses and notarios. But keep in mind that sometimes material errors cannot be corrected by even the most able fiancé spouse visa lawyer and as a result, the U.S. citizen and the foreign-born fiancé or spouse are forever harmed and perhaps unable to receive the immigration benefit that they are seeking. When hiring a speedy online technology business and other non-lawyers, you often get what you pay for.

At I give you, the client, based on your particular facts, strategic K-1, CR-1 and Adjustment of Status legal advice, use legal strategies, craft compelling petitions and gather supporting documents that are solid in LAW and realistic in approach. I discover, address and neutralize red-flag issues BEFORE you file. I do this with a competitive, cost-efficient model in mind.

I work with you from start to finish —holding your hand throughout the entire process. Before you file with the assistance of a speedy online technology business, ask the telephone customer service agent three questions: 1. “Do I have any red-flag issues?” 2. (If applicable) “Due to my fiancé’s or spouse’s “negative” immigration history, do I need to file an I-601 waiver?” and 3. “Will you be filing the G-28 on my behalf?”

Many thanks,

Jamene Christian, Esq.

*USCIS approved accredited non-attorney representatives can file a G-28 as well. Speedy online technology businesses, immigration coaches and notarios ARE NOT approved accredited representatives, period!