No Praise for the proposed RAISE ACT from this Immigration Lawyer!

On Wednesday, August 02, 2017, the Trump administration announced a new sweeping immigration plan that would for the most part severely limit if not all together abolish family-based legal immigration as we know it today.

The proposed RAISE ACT would end the practice of prioritizing green cards to the extended family of people already in the United States, discontinue the immigration lottery program and limit the number of refugees to 50,000.  The bill, not the law of the land YET, would favor would be immigrants who speak English and demonstrate skills that would contribute to the U.S. economy.

The bill as proposed is moving U.S. immigration policy to a merit-based plan.  Rating would be immigrants on their skills, education and what they bring to the U.S. table may become the new standard bearer for legal immigration to this country.

Family-based immigration as we know it today might be in jeopardy—a true RED-FLAG ISSUE!

As of this writing, the Fiance Visa (K-1) and the Marriage Visa (CR-1) are still good law.  Check back often for updates.

Many thanks,

The Fiance Spouse Visa Lawyer