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affidavit of support

The Affidavit of Support: The “Hard Part” of the K-1/CR-1 Process

U.S. citizens who are in sincere relationships with foreign-born fiances or spouses are not concerned with proving the authenticity of those relationships. “Have we met in person within the immediate 2 years prior to filing?” Yes. “Are we planning a life together?” Yes. “Do we have a demonstrated shared...

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A Meeting of the Minds (To Marry) Is Not Enough, You Must Meet In Person!

Among other legal requirements to successfully petition for your foreign-born fiance or spouse*, meeting in person within the previous 2 years before filing the K-1 or CR-1 petitions is a legal requirement that must be satisfied. Using Skype and Facetime to communicate with your foreign-born fiance, though great technology,...

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